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Sell Your Solar System Today!

Get up to 110% cashback!

Say goodbye to high energy bills and hello to affordable long-term Power Purchase Agreements (PPA).

Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to unlock the true potential of your solar investment!

T&C's Apply. Minimum system size of R1 million.

Contact us today:

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And get the benefit of a smaller cash contribution (from as little as 10%) needed to claim 125% back on your taxable income from SARS

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NOESKOM is an end-to-end Renewable Energy Utilities Company with a focus on solar energy.

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Leading the Way in Sustainability

NOESKOM knows that clean affordable solar electricity is an essential part of the South African energy mix.
We provide solar electricity directly to households, the retail, industrial, commercial and agriculture sector by-passing the grid entirely.
Our experience is this reduces the risk of being connected to the (failing) grid while delivering more reliable, dependable and cost-effective solutions for our customers.

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Cost Competitive

NOESKOM makes solar energy available to all at a cost that is competitive with fossil fuels. Solar technology delivers power during peak energy use smoothing costs for energy consumers against fuel-price volatility.

Sign up to a become a customer and only pay on a monthly basis. No capital outlay required from you.

This means you don’t need to have the cash saved to have access to solar. And you don’t have to finance it, meaning your credit score remains unaffected.

Should your equipment reach the end of its life span, we will replace it at no extra cost to you.

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We’ve taken the complexity out of determining whether a solar system is appropriate for you. 

Design your own solar system and pay for it on a monthly basis.

The cost per month is dependent on the system you designed and not based on the kW usage.

If all you want is to save money on a monthly basis, you can design your system to accomplish this.

Simple. Effective.

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Embedded Grid-Tied & Off-Grid Systems

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Solar Heating Buildings

Commercial, Industrial & Solar Farms


Grid-Tied, Hybrid & Off-Grid Systems



Grid-Tied & Off-Grid Systems

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About Our Partners

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Sunelex Energy Group

Solar Partner

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B6 Group

Capital Partners

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Roofspace Rental

Subsidiary Company

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B6 Family Office

Structuring Solutions and Capital Partners

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Solar City Solutions

Professional and expert Solar Consultants

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Professional and Expert Solar Installers

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Professional and expert Solar Consultants

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Underwriting Partners

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