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Are you a South African Tax Payer?

Individuals, Trusts, Corporates can benefit from investing with us...

We’ve harnessed Section 12(B) of the Income Tax Act to give investors the opportunity to invest into solar equipment (asset-backed) whilst getting a TAX BENEFIT.

Who can invest?

  1. Individuals

  2. Trusts

  3. Companies

Can I invest more than once and get a tax benefit?


How do I claim my tax benefit?

You invest via our specialised structure.

Once invested, we supply you with proof that you have done so. This proof is submitted with your tax return (if you are a PAYE earner) and SARS will refund you the tax savings once you’ve been assessed.

If you are a provisional tax payer, you deduct your investment from your taxable earnings for the period when submitting your return. 

What if I want to invest but I don’t have the capital available right now?

No problem! We have made loan funding available to investors.

Please see options below for more information:

Please contact us for more information.

Tax Saving for Investors: About Us
Image by Towfiqu barbhuiya

Investment Options

Invest in one of the following ways...

Tax Saving for Investors: List

Fully Funded Option

Have spare cash available?
Invest using your available investment capital.

Partially Funded Option

Invest using only your tax money payable to SARS.

The "no funds available" Option

Limited spare cash available?
This is the easiest investment option!
The earlier you invest, the lower the cash contribution we need from you.

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